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What is the project all about?

Our aim is to provide the information and inspiration for people across the country to create their own little patch for wildlife. So our team of volunteers has assembled together more articles, videos, photos and tips than you can shake a stick at, right here in one handy location! We regularly make video tutorials all about wildlife gardening and occasionally have a stall at nature festivals across the country to spread the word even further!

Who is behind the project?

We are a diverse bunch of people with different skills and knowledge and a shared love of wildlife. We all work for free in our spare time and you can find out more about us here.

Why should I be a wildlife gardener?

Vital habitats in the UK and across the world are being destroyed at a terrifying rate. We can provide much needed help by donating money to rainforest charities, joining petitions to create marine reserves, or adopting an endangered animal. But it is so easy to do so much more, because conservation should start at home. Imagine the difference you could make if you took a few small steps towards making your garden just a little bit more wildlife friendly. Now think of all the space that our gardens cover across the UK, and imagine just how much more habitat could be created for our struggling native species if everyone took these steps.

What can I do to get involved?

Get wildlife gardening! There’s plenty of information here on this website to get you started. Register for our forums and you’ll be able to ask for, or offer help and advice and connect with others in our wildlife gardening community. Visit our facebook and twitter pages and see what's new, and also find out what our friends are up to.

No two gardens are the same, so have a think about what would work best in your garden or balcony, or even your school or workplace. Let your imagination run wild! You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter here so you are always up to date on what to be doing in your garden!

I am a keen photographer and want to contribute my photos to the website. Can I?

Can you ever! We are always on the lookout for photos for our website. A lot of our photos are currently linked from Wikipedia, who we are very grateful to, but we would eventually like all the photos on our website to belong to us or our contributors. You can upload photos to our gallery to show them off and by uploading them you are automatically allowing us to use them on our website and marketing materials, so you don't have to do anything more. If you have a specific photo which you think would compliment a specific article, then just email us and let us know. We will be happy to hear from you!

I would like to write some articles for your website. How do I do that?

The scope of possible topics on this website is huge. The wildlife section currently covers hundreds of species but there are thousands more we are yet to write articles for, so we are always on the lookout for people who can help us write content. If you think you have what it takes, have a look through our articles to get a sense of format and style and send us an article for us to have a look at by email. This could be on a particular species for our Wildlife section or about wildlife gardening for our Gardening section. If we like what you have written we will create a user page for you so you can continue to write more articles. Your personal page will have your own little bio, photo and a list of all of the articles you have written so it is great to link to on a CV! 

How do I donate money?

By clicking on this big pretty button! If you would like to discuss your donation please contact us here.


Where do donations go?

All money will go directly towards the project. None of us are being paid to work on this project: we are doing it out of our love for the natural world and an urge to help preserve it.
All of our costs currently come out of our own pockets, so anything you can donate will go directly towards the cost of making our video tutorials, such as materials for wildlife boxes, bird feeders and food (for the wildlife - not us!), as well as festival fees, website costs, advertising and marketing materials to spread the word.

What equipment are you using?

We are shooting with a Panasonic AF101, which is a lovely camera for wildlife filmmaking. It has interchangeable lenses so we can easily switch to a range of photographic lenses for macro shooting. We use a Hague HDV Boom K8 jib crane and edit using Final Cut Pro.
We are also using some specialist wildlife filmmaking equipment such as nest box cameras, timelapse cameras and underwater cameras.

Who designed your website?

Our very own web whizz and technical genius Michael Turner! Find out more about him here!

I've had a gardening disaster, where can I get advice?

It can’t be that bad! Join our forum to connect with lots of knowledgeable people and somebody is likely to have encountered your problem in the past. Let us know how you get on so others can learn from your mistake. Remember, no one ever stops learning and mistakes can always be rectified, so don’t give up!