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Garden wildlife photography competition

Whether you are an enthusiastic gardener with a camera or an eager photographer with a garden, this is your chance to showcase your photography skills and be in with the chance of winning some goodies at the same time!

You may choose any subject as long as it is related to British wildlife or wildlife gardening. This could be a family of foxes, finches feeding or flowers in bloom - whatever you like! Once you have your masterpiece, simply fill in the form below and upload your photo. It will be live in our competition gallery within 24 hours, so don't worry if you don't see it there straight away!

First Prize!

A wildlife gardening goodie bag full of a bird feeder, an insect home, wildflower seeds, bird food, wildlife gardening guides, magnets and much more!

Runner up prize

A mini goodie bag with wildlife gardening guides, a bird feeder, wildflower seeds and more!
To enter, simply login or register and then upload a photo below. Add a short description and we will be in touch if you have won! Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

All entries must be received by August 31st 2012. You may submit up to 3 photos per person and all entries must be the submitter's own work. The photos will be judged by Piers Warren of Wildeye and 2 Wildlife Garden Project volunteers. By entering the competition you allow us to use your photo on our website for the benefit of our cause! You will always be credited if your photo is used, and permission will be gained if it is used for anything other than the website. Your photo absolutely remains your property.


  • Visitors on the ivy
  • Description:

    Red admiral and ladybird

  • Foxglove bee
  • Description:

    Taken in my garden in June when we did have some sun

  • Untitled
  • Description:

    This butterfly let me get unusually close with my camera, so I got some pictures while I could.

  • Hummingbird Hawkmoth
  • Description:

    Hummingbirds just adore valerian! They visit in the early evenings..but very difficult to photograph!

  • Sunflower
  • Description:

    Sunflowers attracting wildlife to the garden

  • Grey Dagger Caterpillar
  • Description:

    Acronicta psi, the Grey Dagger Moth..on a Rowan tree...

  • Happy bee
  • Description:

    Caught this bee busy in the hollyhocks

  • Ladybird Spotting
  • Description:

    Ladybird with 21 spots

  • Dragonfly resting...
  • Description:

    Migrant Hawker Aeshna Mixta resting in the sunshine...

  • Greenfinch
  • Description:

    A female greenfinch about to alight upon a feeder

  • Tumbling Toads
  • Description:

    In late march, ponds across Britain become a broiling mass of toads as males contend to breed with the larger females. The male pictured on top here wouldn't let the female even get to the pond.

  • Bluebell
  • Description:

    Harbingers of spring, the bluebell carpets woodland floors throughout britain, an early source of nectar for many bees and butterflies.

  • Shy boy
  • Description:

    Juvenile heron preening.

  • Just hanging around the garden...
  • Description:

    Garden Chafer in the long grass.

  • Peacock on Purple
  • Description:

    Peacock Butterfly collecting nectar from a Buddleia in my garden

  • Drip in a pool
  • Description:

    A drop of water landing in a duckweed (Lemna sp.) filled pool

  • Petal-power
  • Description:

    On a hot day Sand-tailed digger wasps visit flowers for water more often than sugars, taking it from the surface of the delicate petals. This one stayed for ages on a group of Knapweed flowers in the mini-meadow, moving slowly over the petals until it had had its fill.

  • Just waiting for the girls
  • Description:

    These two male Osmia bees have been hanging around on this beautiful old log next to the bee hotel waiting for the girls to emerge from last year's nests. A perfect vantage point to pounce!

  • Grounded on a seed head of grass
  • Description:

    This Wool carder bee (Anthidium manicatum) had been happily feeding on orange hawkbit in my garden's "mini-meadow" when the sun suddenly disappeared and it was left grounded on a seed head of grass. Undeterred it took the opportunity of getting 40 winks!

  • Permanent resident
  • Description:

    While clearing out at the back of my garden, i was lucky enough t come across the home of this little guy. Great to see that the pile of wood a leaves i couldn't be bothered to clear up has come into use. At least someone found it useful!

  • Not what you expect
  • Description:

    Considering they are such regular visitors to gardens, and can probably be found pretty much every time you look, its surprising how nice they look up close.

  • A sharp eye
  • Description:

    The common frog can be found in a host of gardens across Britain and to no surprise it makes for great macro photography when they sit still!

  • Female Orange Tip
  • Description:

    Orange tips seem to be always on the move, but when one rests it is an opportunity to see them from a different angle as this lady shows.

  • Escaping cockchafer (May bug)
  • Description:

    These bumbling beetles are a regular garden visitor, and taking off to escape a curious gardener seems a laborious business.

  • Albino Squirrel
  • Description:

    Squirrels are regular visitors to the garden, but this albino chap was a surprise - and very nervous, so tricky to photograph. North-west Kent

  • Common Blue Damselfly Male
  • Description:

    A male Common Blue Damselfly resting on some grass.

  • Spider Eating
  • Description:

    Spider eating a fly in its nest.

  • Elephant Hawk-moth (Deilephila elpenor)
  • Description:

    Elephant Hawk-moth resting on a leaf.

  • Pond skater
  • Description:

    Pondskater visiting the miniature pond we made on our patio.

  • Golden-ringed dragonfly
  • Description:

    Golden-ringed dragonfly photographed during early evening.

  • A beautiful french flower
  • Description:

    A quick snap from my garden although the flower came all the way from the South of France.

  • Sly the slow worm
  • Description:

    A Slow worm found in my Compost Bin, then a few weeks later there were two in the bin and then left together, probably to make baby slow worms but not in my heap.

  • Slow worm
  • Description:

    A common garden visitor, slow worms are charming little creatures that can often be found in your garden compost heap or under your shed!

  • Froggy
  • Description:

    A common frog in a Cambridge garden pond.

  • Juvenile song thrush
  • Description:

    First baby Song Thrush of the Year sitting on the fence posing for my camera.

  • Breeding lily beetles
  • Description:

    A pair of lily beetles have a game of pig back rides with each other.

  • Mating Silver Studded Blue
  • Description:

    Mating Silver Studded Blue

  • Hedgehog
  • Description:

    Three legged rescued Hedgehog

  • Pearl Border Fritillary
  • Description:

    Pearl Border Fritillary

  • Frog
  • Description:

    Common frog sitting amongst the grass and duckweed in a garden pond in Cambridge.

  • Newt
  • Description:

    A female smooth newt looking for tadpoles to eat in a garden pond in Cambridge.

  • Blue tit
  • Description:

    We have many blue tits that visit our garden and feed on the food we provide them. They are so interesting to watch!

  • Baby spiders in their web
  • Description:

    This is a photo taken in my garden of some baby spiders in their web in some branches.

  • Two bees mating on a tree
  • Description:

    This is a photo taken in my garden of two bees mating on a tree.

  • Spider in its web on a tree
  • Description:

    This is a photo taken in my garden of a garden Spider in it's web on a tree.

  • Ants on nettles
  • Description:

    A macro shot of black garden ants I took on the nettles in my garden.

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