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This section is here to give you the information, tools and tips you need to transform your garden into a wildlife haven. Below you'll find a month by month guide on the most important things to do in your garden at this time of year. For more general advice, tips and ideas, browse through the 3 categories below to find out anything from how to make a bird box or garden pond to how to sow a wildflower meadow!

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Want to know what to feed the birds or how to attract frogs and toads? Maybe you want to have a go at building a bird box or even a bug hotel?
Find out more about the best plants, flowers, trees and shrubs for a colourful and varied wildlife garden bursting with food and shelter for all kinds of creatures!
And everything else...find out how to build a pond, control pests without using chemicals or make the most of a small space!

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What to do in your garden this month

Cranesbill Geranium
Hooray for the Spring! Everything is starting to come to life now in your wildlife garden, and there are plenty of jobs to be getting on with! What to plant Spring in finally here, but don’t forget we could still get a few frosts this month so beware of this if you plant out any delicate plants. Image by aussiegall via Flickr Plant herbaceous plants such as Arnica, Geranium and Hollyhock. For colder or shady areas, a more suitable hardy early-flowering evergreen is Mahonia aquifolium, which…