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Attracting animals

Want to know what to feed the birds or how to attract frogs and toads? Maybe you want to have a go at building a bird box or even a bug hotel? This is the place to be for practical advice on how to attract all kinds of different creatures to your garden!

Want to make your garden feel more like home for hedgehogs? We don’t blame you! Hedgehogs are…
Give a Bird a Home
An adorable illustrated guide to helping birds in your garden, created by Sykes Cottages! Give a…
Bug hotel
The problem with gardens nowadays is they’re just too tidy!
There are lots of things you can do in your garden to help our amphibian friends.
The Common Frog, (Rana temporaria) also known ...
Spring can be a dangerous time for amphibians.
Bird boxes can be a valuable additional for birds in any garden. 
Many birds have come to rely on our gardens as a valuable food source.
There’s more to setting up your bird feeder than just shoving it in the nearest tree.