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Tips for lazy gardeners

Whether you are too busy to garden, not as young as you used to be, or just too lazy, this section is here to give you some easy and quick techniques that you can do, often for free and certainly with minimum effort! So, no excuses!

Food Scraps for Birds

Shop bought bird food isn't the only thing you can put out for the birds. A cost-free way to feed the birds is to put out scraps that would otherwise go to waste. Baked potatoes, fruit, grated cheese, pastry, cake or biscuit crumbs, uncooked oats, cooked rice, leftover dog or cat food, they are all yummy to our feathered friends! It won't provide all the nutrients they will need but it will be a start (persuade your neighbours to plant some bird friendly plants and trees and everyone's a winner!!) Take a look at our article on setting up a bird feeding station and what to feed your birds for more ideas.

Create a Logpile

If you have some old pieces of wood lying around, create a log pile. Put them in a dark and quiet corner of the garden, and the wildlife will come without you needing to lift another finger! Plenty of creepy crawlies will make the log pile their home which will in turn attract birds, fungi will thrive in the cool and damp conditions and frogs and toads will love it too! If you add some leaf litter you may even attract hedgehogs! You will have to replace the wood as it decays, but don't worry, you won't have to do this for ages!

Make a Mini Pond

A pond can be a fantastic habitat for a huge array of wildlife as well as providing drinking and bathing opportunities, and you don't need lots of space. An upturned bin lid or anything that will hold water will do the trick! See our article on ponds for more inspiration!

Let it Grow

Yep, it's that simple! Allowing a part of your lawn to grow wild will do wonders for wildlife AND make your job easier - you can't get fairer than that! Let it grow somewhere you aren't likely to need to tread, and the long grass will attract insects, and mammals will use it to hide and rest. You may find wildflowers grow on their own, but if you want to go further you can pick up seeds very cheaply to attract even more creatures!

Be Untidy!

This is one place being untidy won't get you a telling off from your mother. Being untidy is great for wildlife! Don't worry about clearing away all those leaves or fallen branches, they provide shelter for insects and certainly don't worry about getting rid of all those weeds - some of them are your friends! And you can tell your mother we told you so!


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Whether you are too busy to garden, not as young as you used to be, or just too lazy, this section…