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Learn how to provide food, shelter and breeding spots for the wildlife in your garden

Imagine if everybody in the UK made just a few small changes in their garden to help our British wildlife. Think of the giant patchwork of habitats that could be created, all the new homes that could be formed, and all the mouths that could be fed.

At The Wildlife Garden Project CIC, we’re here to equip you with the information and inspiration to create your own little wildlife haven right on your doorstep.

Get busy in your garden!

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Join the Green Your Neighbourhood movement!

Our mission is to make it easy for people like you to take ownership of your local green space and take action that will benefit your local area, your community and wildlife. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, we have resources to help you make a positive impact in your community.

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What have you spotted?

A huge part of the joy of wildlife gardening is watching and learning about all the wildlife that visits your patch. Find out more about some of the UK’s common garden visitors and learn about what they get up to in your garden.

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Why be a wildlife gardener?

Vital habitats across the world are being destroyed at a terrifying rate. We can provide much needed help by donating money to conservation charities, signing petitions to create marine reserves, or adopting an endangered animal. But it is so easy to do so much more, because conservation can start at home.

Imagine the difference you could make if you took a few small steps towards making your garden just a little bit more wildlife friendly. Now think of all the space that our gardens cover across the UK, and imagine just how much more habitat could be created for our struggling native species if everyone took these steps.

Getting out in your garden is great for wildlife, but also for you! It can keep you fit and you’ll get the pleasure of enjoying all those new creatures that make your wildlife garden their home!

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Want to learn how to build a bird box, grow a wildflower meadow, or help reptiles and amphibians, bats or hedgehogs? Look no further! Brush up on your wildlife gardening skills and learn more about how to help the wildlife to your garden in our tutorial videos.

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About Us

We are a diverse bunch of friendly wildlife loving folk working together on our videos, website and events.

Our aim is to spread our wildlife gardening message far and wide, to encourage as many people as possible to transform their gardens into havens for wildlife.

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Need help from a local wildlife gardening expert?

We know that not everyone has the time, skills or ability to garden for themselves. That’s why we created the Wildlife Garden Directory – to connect those who need a helping hand in their garden with wildlife-friendly businesses in their area. Whether you’d like a little advice from a local wildlife garden designer to help you get started, or you want to find someone to completely transform and maintain your wildlife garden, the Wildlife Garden Directory is here to help!

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