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Fringilla coelebs - Chaffinch

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Last month we put up bird boxes and bird feeders and although we have seen no signs of any inhabitants in the nest boxes, most of the feeders needed topping up again after only about a week! Sometimes birds can take a little while to find bird feeders, but not these hungry chappies!


So far we’ve seen and filmed Blue tits, Wrens, a Robin and two female greenfinches pecking away at the bird seed in the feeders, as well as a male and female chaffinch pair picking up the dropped ones on the ground. The finches really seemed to love our ‘Finch Mix’ which was full of nyger seeds, sunflower hearts and red millet. The blue tits seem to like the security that the holly bush provides: they can munch away on the peanuts without worrying about all those hungry moggies in the area!


It is probably too late now for any birds to make use of our bird boxes, which is a shame, but at least they are now in place, so the birds now have plenty of time to look around before hopefully moving in next year!


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