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When it comes to wildlife gardening, it doesn’t matter if you have 50 acres or just a balcony: everyone can do their bit. The garden we chose to makeover for our project was picked because it is big enough for us to demonstrate many different techniques and ideas. When you come to create your own wildlife garden, you can pick and choose the different elements of ours that suit you and your garden, and even add your own! There are so many different things you can do. So just to prove that it is possible to have a wildlife garden in a small space, Laura our filmmaker is going to be making over her own little garden and sharing with you exactly what she does.

What’s your garden like now?

It has a small lawn surrounded by a border with all sorts growing in there. I don’t even know what half of it is but I will have to find out! It is a weed extravaganza, and we have a nice little nettle patch by our compost bin. Last year I let the back grow a bit wild and put up a bird feeder in an attempt to make it more wildlife friendly, but I plan to do a lot more this year!

What do you plan to do with your garden?

I plan to keep the wild bit at the back, but sow some wildflower seeds with the hope that the flowers will attract bees and butterflies. I will create a log pile in the shady top left corner under the big bush, and create a mini pond of some kind. I will get rid of some of the weeds to make place for some more wildlife friendly plants and shrubs, and to keep my landlady happy! The plants I choose will provide food for insects and birds, hopefully year round, and I may also have a go at a small vegetable patch. I plan to make and put in place habitats for birds, insects and hedgehogs. I hope I can fit this all in!

Laura Turner
Author: Laura Turner

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