Wildlife Gardening

Daisies and dandelions in a lawn

As the seasons change, so do the jobs in the garden. Keep up to speed with what you can do to keep your garden wildlife friendly with our month by month guide.

You might be starting your wildlife garden from scratch, developing an existing wildlife garden, or just transforming an area of your garden. We’re here to help! Have a browse through our ever growing collection of articles and videos for loads of information and inspiration on making your garden more wildlife friendly.

Learn how to attract a whole host of creatures to your garden including birds, hedgehogs, frogs and insects by providing food and creating vital habitats.

Pink flowers

Grow a wildflower meadow, plant a hedgerow and discover the best plants, trees and shrubs to create habitat, shelter and food for the creatures in your garden.

Bird seed cake

Want to build a bird box, grow a wildflower meadow, make bird seed cake or help hedgehogs, reptiles and amphibians? Our videos will show you how!

Top tips

Birds on a feeder - wildlife gardening for birds

If you’re new to wildlife gardening, start here! By making just a few small changes you can transform your space into a wildlife haven.

Bee on fuschia

Not sure where to start? Check out our list of the top ten plants for providing food and shelter for the wildlife in your garden!

Great tit on feeder

Do you only have a small garden or balcony? Learn how to provide food and create habitat in the smallest of spaces!


If you’re short on time, here are some tips for you to make your garden more wildlife friendly with the minimum of fuss!

Helping the UK’s wildlife through wildlife gardening

Here at The Wildlife Garden Project, we want to equip you with the information and inspiration to create your own little wildlife haven right on your doorstep. 
It doesn’t matter whether you live in the countryside or in a city, whether you own 50 acres or just a balcony, everyone can do their bit.

If you’ve got a passion for wildlife and want to help us spread our wildlife gardening message further by writing articles or contributing photos or films, or if you’d just like to say hello, we’d love to hear from you!

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