Helping hedgehogs

Everyone loves hedgehogs, but sadly they are in decline in the UK. So they need your help!

Step 1: Create hedgehog sized holes in your fences

If you have hedges in your garden, then brilliant! Hedges are wonderful for all kinds of creatures, and hedgehogs can use them to travel between gardens.

If you have fences instead, all is not lost! Ask your parents to create hedgehog sized holes in the bottom of your fence so hedgehogs can get into your garden. Hedgehogs need to forage in lots of gardens to get enough food each night, so ask your neighbours to do the same!

Step 2: Leave out water and the right food

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant so never put out milk – fresh water is best. Put out meaty cat or dog food in saucers at night. For a treat, you can also put out chopped plain peanuts and sunflower seeds. If you are very quiet, you can listen out for hedgehogs eating, they make a lot of noise!

Top tip! If you have cats visiting your garden, you can put the food in a hedgehog home so cats can’t eat it all for themselves. Find out how in our video below.

Step 3: Make a mess!

Hedgehogs love piles of twigs and dead leaves to hide in, so choose a quiet corner of your garden and make a big pile of leaves and twigs.


Once you’ve completed these 3 steps, take a photo of your hedgehog fence holes, saucers of food or leaf piles (or even any hedgehogs that visit!) and then send them to us to be entered into our competition! Return to our main competition page for more details.


To find out more about helping hedgehogs, For more hedgehog tips and advice, read on here or check out our video:

Laura Turner
Author: Laura Turner

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