Baby Bird In A Nest

This is a guest post, kindly written by Chris Turner. Chris is the author of Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties and has spent 25 years teaching children aged 3-19 with severe, profound and multiple learning disabilities in special schools across the United Kingdom, as well as spending many years keeping her own children and grandchildren entertained! 


If you are stuck indoors with young children and are running out of ideas to keep them busy, how about making this baby bird in its nest? It can be made with things you probably have lying around the house so there should be no need to make a special trip to the shops to buy anything!

You will need:

  • Half a paper plate (don’t worry if you haven’t got one, you can use any scrap card cut to a semi circle – empty cereal boxes are ideal)
  • Piece of card cut into an oval, about 10cm high and 7cm wide (no need to be too precise!)
  • Small piece of card shaped into a diamond for beak
  • ‘Googly eyes’, sticky dots or small coloured circles for eyes
  • Paint, felt pens or crayons
  • Scraps of card, fabric, paper, tissue, feathers, etc
  • Glue / glue stick
  • Scissors (please make sure these are safety scissors if children are using them!)

Bird in nest craft project

What to do:

  1. First of all you will need to paint the nest and the bird and leave them to dry. Paint the nest brown if you have it (or have fun mixing colours to make your own brown paint!) but paint the bird any colour you like – the brighter the better if you are stuck inside all day! You can also paint on the eyes now or, if you prefer, add ‘googly eyes’, sticky dots or small coloured circles later.
  2. When everything is dry, use the glue to attach the bird to the back of the nest so that he is peeping over the straight edge
  3. Decorate your nest with scraps on card, paper, fabric etc.
  4. Now decorate your baby bird. First add the beak and eyes then give your baby bird some wings. Finish it off by adding as many left-over scraps as you wish
  5. Well done – your baby bird in a nest is now complete!


Written by Chris Turner



Laura Turner
Author: Laura Turner

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