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This is a guest post, kindly written by Chris Turner. Chris is the author of Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties and has spent 25 years teaching children aged 3-19 with severe, profound and multiple learning disabilities in special schools across the United Kingdom, as well as spending many years keeping her own children and grandchildren entertained! 


If you are in lockdown and perhaps missing all the wildflowers which are currently starting to bloom, how about making your own indoor wildflower plot? This quick and easy activity requires only a few bits and bobs and is ideal for young children. I’ve made mine in individual pots but you could also make one big pot full of brightly coloured flowers!

You will need:

  • A few small plant pots (yoghurt pots will workj ust as well)
  • Pebbles (or use marbles, sand etc)
  • Drinking straws (preferably green but any colour is fine)
  • Scraps of brightly coloured paper
  • Scissors (safety scissors for children!)
  • Glue (glue sticks are the easiest for children to use)
  • Sellotape


3 colourful paper flowers in pots


How to make your flowers:

1.     Cut petal shapes and a circle for centre then stick them together to form a flower head.

2.     Attach the straw using Sellotape to form the stem.

3.     Stand upright in pot and surround by pebbles, sand, marbles etc (You could also use uncooked beans or lentils if need be but make sure small children don’t try to eat them!).

4.     Arrange in a sunny spot and enjoy your wildflower garden!


Written by Chris Turner




Laura Turner
Author: Laura Turner

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