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Made your way through our list of activities? Worry not! We’ve dug out some of the best wildlife related ideas and links from across the worldwide web so you never have to endure a dull moment during isolation!


Wildlife Watch
Loads of fun activities and resources for kids from The Wildlife Trusts

Games, activities and fun nature facts for kids

BTO Garden BirdWatch
Stay connected to nature, learn about your garden wildlife and contribute to important scientific research without leaving your home. BTO are giving everyone free access to BTO Garden BirdWatch during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Get hunting for wildflowers with the Great British Wildflower Hunt

Nearby Wild
Identification guides and ideas

Little Silver Hedgehog
Wildlife gardening ideas and info on helping hedgehogs

Creature Candy
Nature quizzes and a wordsearch as well as beautiful gift ideas

Little Green Space
Award-winning magazine and project highlighting and inspiring green living and environmental action

On social media

Chris Packham’s Self Isolating Bird Club
Set up by TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham, this is a place to share photos and videos from your garden with a community of fellow nature lovers on Twitter and Facebook. Also look out for the brilliant live videos at 9am each morning with Chris and his step daughter Megan McCubbin and special guests from his Facebook and Twitter

Rebecca’s Butterfly Farm
Learn all about butterflies from Rebecca, 7 Years Old who has a butterfly farm at the end of her garden where she looks after butterfly eggs and releases them as butterflies. Rebecca is making a short video every week about butterflies on her Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel.

RSPB #BreakfastBirdwatch
A daily hour on weekdays between 8-9am where supporters and the wider public can share photos and videos of their garden birds. There will also be different species and themes to focus on, such as drawing and poetry.



If you have or know of a website or project you’d like to share and add to this list, please get in touch!



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