Plants and Flowers

Chosen carefully, plants, trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers provide food, shelter, habitat and breeding spots all year round for all kinds of creatures. Whether you have a huge garden or just a small backyard, sunny spots or shady spots, our guides will help you decide on what to grow to make sure your garden is positively buzzing with life!

Butterfly on purple flower in a wildlife garden

Not sure where to start? Check out our list of the top ten plants for providing food and shelter for the wildlife in your garden!


Hedges can provide food, shelter and doorways to other gardens, giving wildlife the freedom to come and go, hide and feed.

Garden covered in snow

Wildflowers might be far from your mind in winter. But now is a great time to decide what plants to introduce to your garden.

Common Hawthorn flowers

Shrubs and trees will provide berries, nuts and leaves and give wildlife a place to nest, shelter and hibernate throughout the year.


Wildflower meadows provide food, shelter and breeding spots for a huge array of insects, mammals and birds.


Want an alternative to pesticides? There are plenty of wildlife friendly methods to keep those pests in check!

Daisies and dandelions in a lawn

Lawns can constitute large parts of many gardens, but luckily, even your lawn can be a haven for wildlife. Find out more here!


Learn how to carefully select plants and flowers in even the smallest of spaces to make the most of your wildlife garden!

Small tortoiseshell butterfly on purple flowers

Find out what plants are ideal for different habitats in your garden, including woodland, meadow, wetland and hedgerow areas

Learn More


Learn how to attract a whole host of creatures to your garden including birds, hedgehogs, frogs and insects by providing food and creating vital habitats.

Bird seed cake

Want to build a bird box, grow a wildflower meadow, make bird seed cake or help hedgehogs, reptiles and amphibians? Our videos will show you how!

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