The People Behind The Project

At The Wildlife Garden Project, we have a diverse bunch of friendly people working behind the scenes on our videos and website. Amongst us you’ll find filmmakers, photographers, wildlife researchers, writers and naturalists, all sharing an enormous passion for wildlife.

We want to say a massive thank you to all our volunteers who work hard to spread the wildlife gardening word!

Laura Turner - founder of The Wildlife Garden Project

Laura Turner

Laura is a filmmaker who shoots, edits, and has a passion for the natural world. She started the Wildlife Garden Project in 2010 with the hope of getting as many people as possible to help the wildlife in their gardens through wildlife friendly gardening.

As well as making our video tutorials, she spends her time working on this website, writing posts and managing our social media pages.

She has worked on conservation documentaries in Australia and big cat safaris in Kenya. Back home in Nottingham, she also runs her own video production company, Fuzzfox, making videos for charities and independent businesses.


Huge thanks to this lovely bunch of people who have kindly shared their time, knowledge and advice to contribute to our ever growing selection of wildlife gardening articles.

Emma Fraser pic
Emma Fraser

Emma is a wildlife researcher based in Bristol, UK. Having travelled around Africa for most of her early twenties studying wildlife and developing an obsession for lions, as only a wildlife biologist can, she now specialises in wildlife research for the film industry. She has worked for BBC zoologist Mark Carwardine, researching general wildlife info, bits and bobs and now works as a researcher and logger, for Tigress Productions.

Sharon Roberts
Sharon Roberts

Sharon is a keen wildlife photographer and videographer, on land and underwater. She has participated in conservation projects throughout the world including Wolf conservation in Yellowstone and Portugal and other projects in the Galapagos Islands, the Hebrides and closer to home, having worked for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Sharon is a keen wildlife gardener, receiving regular hedgehog guests in her own back garden.

Luke Raymond
Luke Raymond

Luke is an enthusiastic naturalist who loves to spend time observing wildlife. He is relatively new to the world of wildlife filmmaking and has recently taken his hobby to the next stage, photographing and filming wildlife with dreams of one day making his own wildlife films. He has developed a broad knowledge of British garden wildlife through a keen interest from an early age and hopes to continue learning in his research for the website.

Andy Mayo
Andy Mayo

Andy is an experienced ornithologist & naturalist with a wide range of ecological fieldwork, survey & research experience including work for RSPB and numerous voluntary positions researching aspects of birds, mammals & other wildlife. He is passionate about avian & environmental conservation & the communication & inspiration of this to others via visual media. In his spare time he is an aspiring wildlife photographer, artist & filmmaker.


Hoverfly on yellow flowers
Lindsey Bowes

When Lindsey and her husband landscaped their garden, they divided a section off for wildlife. They planted trees and hedges and dug out a couple of small ponds. They now have a good population of garden birds, and the ponds attract lots of other visitors including dragonflies, butterflies and hedgehogs.  Lindsey loves photography and many of the photos on this website were taken in her garden. You can view her beautiful photos on her Flickr site.

Jack Perks with his camera
Jack Perks

Jack is a professional wildlife photographer and film maker mostly specialising in underwater habitats. His work has featured on many natural history programmes and he supplies images to dozens of magazines. Nature’s underdogs are Jack’s main interest, particularly herptiles and fish. Jack has contributed photography to this website and has appeared in our film about reptiles and amphibians. Check out his work on his website.

Other contributors

Small tortoiseshell butterfly on purple flowers

Special thanks to the following people for their contributions to this website and our videos:

Allen Holmes – Photography
Chris and Robert Turner (Laura’s mum and dad) – Photography
Piers Warren – Photography
Gemma Wren – Writer
Toby Greet – Writer
Dan Reed – Writer
Bill Fisher – Logo design

We would like to give a huge thanks to Michael Turner (Laura’s little brother) for designing our first website and being on call to solve all kinds of website related questions when we first started out, and for helping us to get started with the project.

Huge thanks as well to all the wildlife experts, camera operators and volunteers who gave up their weekends to work on our films.

Finally, we would like to thank Dorothy and Peter Boden, and Bryan Oak for allowing us to use their beautiful wildlife gardens for filming our video tutorials.

Video shoot photos

Reptiles and amphibians film shoot
Laura and David with camera in a wildlife garden
Michael filming Laura and Tiago making bird seed cake in the wildlife garden
Emma filming
Laura with a toad in a wildlife garden
Andy with his finished bird box
Pond dipping shoot
Laura and Pauline looking at a badget sett entrance - wildlife gardening

If you’ve got a passion for wildlife and want to help us spread our wildlife gardening message further by writing articles or contributing photos or films, or if you’d just like to say hello, we’d love to hear from you!

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The Wildlife Garden Project

We have a diverse bunch of friendly people working behind the scenes on our videos and website. We all work for free, fuelled only by our shared love of wildlife.

If you’d like to become part of the team, get in touch!

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