Amphibians, such as frogs, toads and newts, are cold blooded animals who lead a life of two halves, spending much of their time on land where they remain, for the most part, secretive and concealed in a damp dark hideaway, emerging at night to hunt. The breeding period, in Spring, sees them migrate over land to ponds and lakes, an environment in which they become more noticeable.

Amphibians feed on a variety of small invertebrates which includes, insects, spiders, worms and slugs, a diet which makes them invaluable assets to gardeners.

Common frog

Find out more about amphibians, including what they do in your garden, what they eat, and how they reproduce.

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We have 6 native species of amphibians in the UK. Find out more about them below!


How to help reptiles and amphibians in your garden

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