Plants for different habitats

Different plants favour different habitats to provide the perfect conditions for them to grow healthily. If you’ve got an area of your garden that you want to add wildlife friendly plants to, have a browse through our list of plants for different habitats for some ideas!


Common Foxglove, Common Bluebell, Common Ivy, Lesser Celandine, Ramsons, Soft Shield Fern, Wood Anemone, Common Snowdrop, Common Daffodil, Gemander Speedwell, Lords-and-ladies, Solomon’s Seal, Primrose, Violet, Wood Avons, Yellow Archangel, Lilly-of-the-valley, Wood Spurge, Wood Vetch, Wood Millet, Sweet Violet, Wood Sage, Monk’s Hood, Capillary Thread moss, Broad-buckler fern

Meadow/ Grassland

Field Poppy, Cowslip, Cornflower, Annual Meadow grass, Bladder Campion, Snake’s Head Fritilary, Wild Teasel, Common Nettle, Field Rose, White Deadnettle, Greater Plantain, Red Valerian, Verbena, Wood Crane’s Bill, Daisy, Dandelion, Field Scabaceous, Purple Loosetrife, Evening Primrose, Crested Dogs-tail, Fine Bent, Downy Oat Grass, Red Fescue, Meadow Barley, Meadow Foxtail, Rough Meadow Grass, Quaking Grass, Sweet Vernal Grass

Butterfly on purple flower


Yellow Flag, Amphibious Bistwort, Marsh Thistle, Flowering Rush, Lady-fern, Water lilly, Water Avens, Marsh Marigold, Water Milfoil, Marsh-hair Moss

Hedgerow/wall cavities

Rosebay, Willowherb, Dog Rose, Honey Suckle, Cow Parsley, Wild Thyme, Buddleja, Aubretia, Viper’s Bugloss, Buttercup, Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil, Red Clover, Herb-robert, Lavender, Creeping-jenny, Field Bindweed, White Campion, Spearmint, Tansy, Bindweed, Betony, Bramble, Night-scented Catchfly, Blackthorn, Dogwood, Goat Willow, Harebell, Sweet Briar, Holly Hop, Broad-leaved Dock, Night-scented Stock, Summer Jasmine, Soapwort, Traveller’s Joy, Everlasting Pea, Sweet Cicely, Wall-rue, Honest

Night Scented plants to attract moths

Try planting a few night-scented species in the garden, to help out our native night-feeders! Bladder Campion, Californian Poppy, Dames Violet, Evening Primrose, Everlasting Pea, Honeysuckle, Traveller’s Joy, Verbena, Soapwort, Summer Jasmine, Tobacco Plant, Night-scented Catchfly, Night-scented Stock, Red Valerian, White Campion, Honeysuckle

Written by Emma Fraser
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